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Title: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: MiniMonster500 on March 16, 2011, 12:15:58 PM
Figured I should post in here instead of hogging the tech section.

This is going to be a trail and competition rig, shooting for TTC 2013 among other races.  Articulated steering, with straight axles and a front engine.  I don't have the axles yet, looking for a 667 Clark log skidder or equivalent with 28/1 planetary axles.  Drivetrain is Cad 500 on Propane and turbos, TH400 or SM465 and NP205. 



Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: MiniMonster500 on March 19, 2011, 08:10:19 PM
Looks like I'll be picking up another 4 of the 66" float tires and 4 of the 63x23x26 tires next week, all FREE!  Probably new cost of $10-14,000 total for those 8 tires.  I checked the weights online, 8 tires come out to 5300lbs....  :P I'm investing in a pro hotknife, and will carve off about 180lbs each on the 66s, and 110lbs each on the 63s. So that should shave about 1160lbs off the total weight.  Now I have to go start finding rims for all of them, that will be the expensive part.  I'll have to have a friend tow the 66s to an event for me, and build a crane on the front of my trailer to change them out with.  So that probably won't happen for every event.  I'll just run the 63s, since the skidder will fit on my big trailer with those and be under the 8'6" max legal width. 

Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: Monster Rat on March 23, 2011, 08:12:52 AM
That will be quite the rig!

Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: ~JM~ on March 23, 2011, 11:37:27 AM
That will be quite the rig!

Indeed! :o 8)

Maybe we should organize a Cadillac powered Top Truck type of event.

Hmmm...  ;D


Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: MiniMonster500 on March 25, 2011, 10:43:37 PM
Sounds like a great idea!  I'd love to run in that, as long as it was within a couple days drive of here. (Salem Oregon)

Just out of curiosity I ran the numbers to see how well the 66s will float on water.  They are about 70.5 cubic feet displacement each, after subtracting the rim volume.  So with water weighing 62lbs/cubic foot that comes to 4371lbs displacement each, or 17,484 lbs for all four tires.  If I can hold the weight down to 8-9k lbs, it should almost float with the axles out of the water.  :o

On another note, after much debate I've decided to build a smaller 1 ton version to test out the weight distribution and turning/handling before going 5 ton.  I'll run a pair of 1 ton rears, but still run the 500 for power.  I have a set of cut 44 TSL Swampers to run on it, and two pairs of Chevy leaf springs for suspension.  I have the 2x5" 0.120" wall rectangular tube for the frame, and a Solidworks drawing almost done.  This way I can slap it together fast, and move parts around easily to change how each half of the frame balances.   

Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: MiniMonster500 on April 15, 2011, 02:19:32 PM
The engine assembly is going slowly, but its going at least.  I took one of the stock exhaust manifolds in to Machining class this week and slotted out the mounting holes to let it grow lengthwise as it heats up.  I also enlarged the flat areas to give it room for washers to move around.  Now that I have some flat spots on the outside of the manifold, I can use those to fixture it when shaving the head side of the manifold.


I also have a pair of Garrett turbos to rebuild and install once the engine is broken in.  One is a T04E, $103 with shipping on Ebay, and the second is a TA4505, $20 at the PDX swap meet.  They have larger divided turbine housings, .70 and 1.01 so I was figuring on getting a second housing to match one of these, and then using a fast-spool valve on one side of the scroll to get them going.  That would give me a 0.35 or 0.50 A/R for spooling, and then the full housing when the valve opens.  They are both at school right now soaking in the hot tank (minus the intake housings).

Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: cadracer on February 04, 2012, 10:15:17 PM
Was just chiming in on the turbo selection. The ebay turbos are an excellent choice for the price. The ones i would look for are the ones called super 60

Has a .070 cold side with a .68ar hot side. Fast spooling and moving lots of air.

Title: Re: 5 ton mud bogger
Post by: MiniMonster500 on February 11, 2012, 06:41:31 PM
Like you say, the Ebay Chinese nockoffs are hard to beat on price, and the turbo forums have extensive results on some of them.  The GT45 is supposed to be a fairly reliable unit, as far as nockoffs go, although they are pretty heavy at 37lbs each.  I ended up getting a pair of them for $519 shipped to my door.  At 69mm and 1.05 AR hot side they have been dyno proven to 1400hp with twins.  Admittedly a bit over sized for what I plan on, but they will keep the back pressure down and leave room to turn up later.  I'll either block off one scroll to start with, or add spool valves if I want to get fancy.  The Super 60s would also be a good choice, probably with better spool but higher back pressure. 

I've been told not to break in this engine on an engine stand do to the molly rings skating without sufficient cylinder pressure.  With standard cast rings they would seat fine, but I don't want to risk glazing the cylinders before the molly rings seat.  I can drop the engine in my current single seat buggy with a couple hours work, so that is the plan after Mudfest in March.  Right now the engine needs longer pushrods, oil pan built and final buttoning up.