High Performance Big Block Cadillacs
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Author Topic: Cad 500 rig  (Read 11028 times)
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« Reply #15 on: November 13, 2009, 11:19:44 PM »


On the note of the dana 44s strength, I have an 84 k5 blazer with 6" lift 38.5/15/16 boggers. Im running a d44 up front with a mini spool and full floating 60 in the rear out from under a 71 k-20. The 44 has the large spicer hubs on it, and with the spool and 500 could shear axles practically on demand. Why am i running a 44 instead of a 60 it was free and steering 60s run anywhere from $1200-$1500 around here, figured i could replace alot of axles for that cost. And after breaking tons of axles I took out the spool and put spiders back in and my buddy gave me a set of chrome moly shafts and I havent broke an axle since but now i cant keep spiders or pinions in it. But on a side note my one friend has a cj-7 with a 304 and 35 in boggers on a d44 and he beats the crap out of it pretty well every weekend and I have only seen his front end come apart once. Where we wheel at there really isnt much finesse or easing around, more mashing the skinny pedal and hold on! I would think in a light jeep one would hold up just fine with 35-37s, but add a doubler or boggers and add rocks to the mix and it will let go.
dave brode
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Best of 11.66, 113.96, 1.59 sixty

« Reply #16 on: November 14, 2009, 12:52:12 PM »

This from a guy that should have used a Dana60 or even a big 14 bolt instead of a 12 bolt that already broke once [posi broke]

Bigger is better.


3960 lb '71 C-10. 11.7-1 CR 514". PEP I beam rods floating MTS 18cc dish Probes, Elgin solid cam, home ported heads, MTS 2.19/1.84", Potter/Probe shaft rockers, edel 2115, 4781 850. Switch-pitch TH400, 12" 1800/3200 Tri-Shield convertor, 4.30 gears. Best so far of 11.66, 114.8 mph and 1.59 sixty
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« Reply #17 on: November 14, 2009, 08:00:08 PM »

Thanks for the info guys. Cool  I do plan to have whatever axles I end up using narrowed. I would like to stay at or near the OEM wide track CJ-7 width. My Jeep has always been intended to be a daily driver, street friendly Rig as much as possible. I no longer have the desire to be the first one to climb "Killer Fang Falls" & boldly go where no Jeep has gone before. Cheesy  Just a good old fashioned hot-rod CJ with as many straight, original body panels as possible. Maybe even a shiny coat of paint someday too. Shocked

How have the Ford 9" based front axle combinations been holding up? Last I knew, they were basically a 9" axle housing & internals with D44 outers. They were not a whole lot stronger than a D44, due to the outers restricting the axle shaft diameter to 30 or 33 teeth, plus small U-joints. I recall hearing about some experimentation with a 9" axle & D60 outers a while back, but I never heard about the results.

PS. You don't have enough cam. Grin

...Summit has a kit for $99.... Shocked
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« Reply #18 on: November 16, 2009, 10:02:29 AM »


A Ford 9" custom.

Haven't heard anything about it.
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