Shrink-porting 76cc 902 heads - 316.4 cfm on a iron head. Got air?

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316.4 cfm @.700 with a 2.25 intake valve
240.7 cfm @.700 with a 1.90 exhaust valve
75% exhaust/intake flow ratio, done with a 4.25 bore plate

Be sure to putty-port match whatever intake you run, or you're wasting your time.

Old-timers note: This is Mike Cooke's work.  He ran some phenominal numbers (10.50's) with a low-dollar 3500# g-body Lemans in crappy altitude/air.  Using a solid Comp cam, .688-.692 lift, 272-276 @ .050 on a 110 LS.

Chamber picture

My head is spinning looking at this.....goes to show you that velocity is way more important than size once you hit a certain point. How did he change the chambers...i mean literally---how did he do it?


Cad-T-Bird 500:
Looks like to me the heads are milled big time.


Quote from: Ted in Olympia on December 07, 2007, 10:24:53 AM

Looks like to me the heads are milled big time.


I agree......... bigtime     wonder what the compresstion was? the hp with that weight is like 597 hp


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